Nomad Stunts is a professional stunt group, which was organized by the honored figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov in 2000. The group was created on the basis of  horse-acrobatic number "Nomad" of the Kazakh State Circus (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

In 2003, according to invitation by the studio "Kazakhfilm" Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov and Nomad Stunts took part in the shooting of a large-scale historical film "The Nomad". From the first days of work they managed to demonstrate a high professional level, which didn’t remain unnoticed by the director and producer of the film. Zhaidarbek got an offer to become an assistant to the stunt choreographer, in addition, during the shooting, double the famous actors Mark Dacascos and Jason Scott Lee.

In the same year Nomad Stunts took part in the shooting of the film "Sultan Beibars" in Egypt, and a year later had got an invitation from the film studio "Mosfilm" to work on the creation  film "Day Watch" directed by Timur Bekmambetov. In this film, Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov organised a unique trick with a galloping horse punching a stone wall.

Since this period, Nomad Stunts have become regular participants in the creation of large-scale domestic and Hollywood films. In the group's asset films such as The Expendables 2, 47 Ronin, Conan Barbarian, Myn Bala, Shal, Raketir, The Way Home, Polo and Erturgrul. Full filmography of Nomad Stunts can be viewed here.
Over the 17 years of the band's existence, Nomad Stunts has managed to work with such stars of world cinema as Keanu Reeves, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Tadanobu Asano, Bolo Ian, Carey Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sean Bean, Stephen Lang, Nathan Jones, Ed Harris, Natalie Portman, Danny McBride, Christian Slater and others.

In 2015, Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov was admitted to the Hitz International Action Team. Because of this stuntmen Nomad Stunts were included in one of the best world stunt teams.

In 2017, for work on the Russian film Viking Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov was nominated for the Taurus World Stunt Academy Award (nomination "Best Stunts in a foreign movie", Los Angeles, USA).

Today, Nomad Stunts employs 70 professional stuntmen and stuntwomen, as well as 30 specially trained stunt horses. All our stuntmen have an official admission to perform tricks.

Directions of Nomad Stunts work :

- equestrian stunts;
- acrobatics;
- fighting scenes (with different types of guns);
- falling from a height (including a burning person);
- work on ropes;
- burning of a person;
- scenic movement;
- pyrotechnics