Taurus World Stunt Academy Award

Nomads join the ranks on the contenders for the statuette for staging and performing tricks in the Russian historical film Viking (nomination "Best stunt in a foreign movie").

Be worth noting that the brightly team for the first time participated in the competition program of the award.
Opponents of the Kazakh stuntmen were their colleagues who worked on the following films: the second season of the series "Gomorrah" (Italy), "The Red Dog" (Belarus), "Special Detachment" Cobra 11 "(Germany).
As a result, the statue of "Taurus" was stolen by the movie "Special Detachment" Cobra 11. "But the nomads intend to win the prize cost what it might.

"This time we did not get Taurus. We were right up there.  Draw consolation me that I'm just a guy from the village who grew up in a big family and who first visited the city only at the age of 14, and the second time only when i went to the army. And now, becoming a member of the Taurus Academy, I think that I have come a long way with my team Nomad Stunts - with the same simple guys like me, and we have become. Thanks to my "Nomad" team! Thanks to all the friends, who constantly support us, know that we will still get "Taurus"! This is my goal, which I will achieve! We will do the best tricks in the world! Alga, Kazakhstan! I love my country! And I will also be told about it here, in the center of the best stuntmen of the world! " - wrote on his page on Facebook the head of Nomad Stunts Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov.

Taurus World Stunt Academy Award is awarded annually for the best stunts in the cinema. It is the highest achievement for stuntmen and stunt performer. Winners of the award in each nomination are given figurines - the winged mythical bull Taurus.

The award is awarded for the best tricks in several categories: the best trick with fire, the best high trick, the best work with vehicles, the best scene with fights, the best trick with rigg, the best special tricks, the best trick with a collision, the best trick among women, the best stunt performers / directors of the 2 nd group, the best stunt in a foreign films.

Recall that Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov was awarded by the International Academy of Martial Arts in 2013.

Source: kazpravda.kz