Nomad Stunts Preparing For The Shooting Tobol

The Russian director Igor Zaitsev arrived in Almaty, he plans to begin filming the film "Tobol" with the participation of the Kazakhstan Nomad Stunts in March.

As previously reported by the producer of the film, Oleg Urushev, the shooting will begin from the stage of a mass brawl, and there  will show concern  about 300 people.
The film, that will be shot in Russian Tobolsk, tells about the events that took place during the reign of Peter I, in particular, the history of the conflict between the Tobolsk Governor Matvey Gagarin (built a stone Kremlin) with the Jungar khan Kongodoy.

For the role of the king, according to Zaitsev, was chosen Dmitry Dyuzhev , and  one of the main roles will perform Dmitry Nazarov  .
It is worth noting that in the film will be involved not only blighty stuntmen, but also actors.
"Curiously enough, that in Khanty-Mansiysk and other northern districts we could not find the actors who played the Khanty. Strange though it might sound, we will look for the performers of the Khanty and Mansi roles among the Kazakh artists," - said Igor Zaitsev .
Recall, in early February, the head of the stunt group Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov visited Tobolsk, where he studied the set, which will host the battle scenes. Upon arrival, he said that the director-performer will visit Almaty to preview the tricksfor the film.

During the meeting in the southern capital, members of the Nomad Stunts team presented to Zaitsev some horse stunts, as well as battle scenes with fights and saber.
"We came here to clarify everything, to rehearse, to formulate the strategy of all fights." We have a 3D mock-up that will show in detail where everything happens, so that we will learn, prepare and know exactly how we will shoot. The whole guarantee of the  shooting success is a preparatory period, while we are sitting at the table and making up.With the Nomad Stunts team we will do five large independent scenes.This will be horsback stunts, as the jungars basically waged war without getting off the horse. Defenders of the fortress with bayonets and shovels. The most important thing is the capture of the Yarkand fortress by the Russian army and the jungar attack, it will be a big 15 minute scene, that, I think, will be remembered by the spectator and will give them the emotions that they will come to the cinema. Nowadays it's so difficult surprized the spectators of the tricks, but we will try to make individual episodes, individual elements are newly invented. This is followed by the pursuit now all over the world, that's why we invent something, we compose something, "Zaitsev said, adding that he loves Almaty and  he is happy when he can visit here, even the work.

The director also explained the reason for the choice of the Kazakh stuntmen: "There is no stronger and more experienced Nomad Stunts group in the territory of the former USSR under the leadership of Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov." The work done by him and his team, especially recently, in projects both here and abroad, writes itself .While we reach an understanding- we write together and develop together. "
The creators of the film intend to release it in two formats - the feature-length film "Tobol" (based on the novel by Alexei Ivanov), which will tell about the expedition of Ivan Buchholz, the associate of Peter I, to Yarkand, and the series, its name has not yet been determined.

"The film will show a more" narrow "story - about the unsuccessful campaign of Russian army to the city of Yarkend.All the participants of the expedition who have gone to the city are sure that their mission is exclusively peaceful archaeological character, but in fact it turns out that it is aimed at unleashing a war with the jungars, "- said Zaitsev.

The premiere of the film, scheduled for 2019, is promised to be held in Kazakhstan.