Nomad Stunts Charity Horse Show

The team of Kazakhstan stuntmen Nomad stunts presented to the audience a stunning horse show with dizzying tricks. Bold riders demonstrated not only the wonders of trick riding, but also arranged spectacular battles with falls and "bring low".

The solid team of the Kazakhstan stunt group Nomad stunts enjoys well-deserved authority and popularity all over the world. The team of professionals of their works is constantly invited to shoot films, where they have to act as doubles of the most famous actors of the world. European, Asian and American directors willingly cooperate with them, recognizing that no one can lick the task better than our nomads. The stuntmen fight with sabers and swords, jump from bluff into waterfalls, burn in the fire, fall from the horses that rush at full speed, and effectively "die" if required by the scenario." Despite the total employment, they find time for charity. Last weekend stuntmen make a new show Action for red, and the proceeds from his show were transferred to the Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan. The money will be spent on helping lonely pensioners and low-income families.

- Horses and people are real members of our team, we elaborate each other and we can come to an understanding without words, "says , with a smile, Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov, head of the Nomad stunts group.

- The spectators are delighted with the tricks with the bringing low of horses, but not any horse can be taught this. We have 33 four-legged stuntmen, but only five so trust "bipedal colleagues" to agree to fall. Each horse has its own character and temper. One horse in the group boldly jumps into the fire and smoke, is not afraid of explosions and shots, but begins to panic terribly in an enclosed space. He has  claustrophobia. Some horses are ideal for long fights on swords and sabers, others can't stand a stamp on the spot, they need space. Horse Gray, which became the star of the film "Mongol", caused me pity at our first meeting . It was very sick, its stomach did not absorb any food, we bought it from the gypsies, fix it up and led in rein to the cinema.

The audience liked the show. The stuntmen received a hearty welcome, but, as always, the lioris share of applause fell to women. Lyubov Volkova and Alla Stasyuk, having ride standing in saddles, caused an ovation.

- Alan riding is considered a rather difficult trick, - says Lyubov Volkova. - It is necessary to balance and control the horse at the same time. Without mutual trust is indispensable. Horses are amazing creatures with golden hearts, not for nothing since  immemorial time they were  the best friends of nomads.