Kazakhstan Stuntmen Solve The Mystery Of Viking Film Tricks

Kazakhstan stuntmen from the group Nomad Stunts told how they prepared tricks for the Russian historical film "Viking".

"The shooting was difficult, because the weather changed frequently, it was rainy and cold, but the band was very good, we were accepted to the crew as professionals, because we have work experience in Hollywood projects, we did many tricks with horses, fire and fencing.These scenes that they wanted to make on the schedule, Nomad stuntmen worked live, "- said the head of the team Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov.

The film was taken in the Crimea, where the Kazakh stuntmen arrived in 45 people and brought with them special equipment and 20 stunt horses.

Together with their Russian counterparts, the Nomad Stunts team prepared battle scenes for actors, a suspension system for burning wheels, and a special system for dropping stuntmen from height.

Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov himself played in the saga of the leader of the Pechenegs.

Recall, the premiere of the film took place in the last days  the 2016 year. It tells about the coming to power of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, played by Danila Kozlovsky.

The film was filmed since the autumn of 2008. According to producer Anatoly Maksimov, "having started this journey, the film crew did not expect that it would be the most difficult, but also the most fascinating in life, that it will change not only the idea of the boundaries of  possible in Russian cinema ... All these years i created manually , literally by little section more than 3,000 people existed: directors, actors, artists, operators, administrators, stuntmen, financiers, builders and representatives of many other professions. "

Source: kazpravda.kz