Kasym Zhumaguzhin In Memorial

On November 3, Kasym Zhumaguzhin, our friend and member of a Nomad Stunts family, died of a heart attack.

05 november 2018 | detailed

Nomad Stunts Charity Horse Show

The team of Kazakhstan stuntmen presented to the audience a stunning horse show

10 july 2017 | detailed

Taurus World Stunt Academy Award

Nomad Stunts one of the nominees of the Taurus World Stunts Academy Award

17 may 2017 | detailed

Kazakh stunt men nominated for Taurus World Stunt Awards

Stunt coordinator Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov and Nomad Stunts have been nominated for the Taurus World Stunt Award

21 april 2017 | detailed

Nomad Stunts Preparing For The Shooting Tobol

The Russian director Igor Zaitsev plans to begin filming "Tobol" with the participation of the Kazakhstan Nomad Stunts in March.

24 february 2017 | detailed

Kazakh stuntmen to star in new Russian Historical Film

In March, Nomad Stunts will take part in the filming of the Russian historical film Tobol

10 february 2017 | detailed

Nomad Stunts On Universiade-2017

In total, 36 stuntmen will take part in the opening ceremony.

27 january 2017 | detailed

Kazakhstan Stuntmen Solve The Mystery Of Viking Film Tricks

The shooting was difficult, because the weather changed frequently

05 january 2017 | detailed

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